Attributes Of A Good Writing.

Writing Process
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  • Feb 20, 2018
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Writing an essay, poem, blog or anything is not an easy task; most of us think the same. But what if I tell you about the process through which the writing task won’t look as tedious you think but you actually enjoy and cover all the important aspects of a well-written piece. I am talking about the attributes/traits of writing here.

Writing Process

These attributes are the base of best quality writing and are as follows.

1. Ideas or Content:

The Ideas are the main theme of the content. What you are going to talk about, the message which you want to convey through your writing. It should be focused and supported by the evidence from the credible sources. The writer should always know what is important and include all those things in the content. The message should be clear, informative, interesting, well explained and couldn’t be anticipated (if required), in this way your content will be able to grab the attention and keeps your reader interested throughout your writing.

Tip: Always work on the detailing of your draft and write the content through which your message will be easily conveyed to the reader.

2. Organization:

Organizing your content in a way that they are interconnected with each other and the sentences come in a sequence so that the flow of your writing should be in chronological order. The main motive is the contents should be properly organized and the sense of sequencing should be there. Use paragraphs and make sure that each paragraph should have some transition in between so that the order makes sense

Tip: The start should be catchy and end should not be abrupt. Usage of paragraphs and bullet points will help to maintain the flow and properly organize your writing.

3. Sentence Fluency:

The sentence fluency is the flow or the rhythm of your language. Fluent writing needs command over language and the knowledge about the topic. In this, you need to focus on is your writing easy to read aloud? The pattern has something new or not? The sentences are complete or not? If you work on those questions you will be able to maintain the sentence fluency.

Tip: Focus on the rhythm of your writing, make sentences vary in length so that your reader can read it with ease.

4. Vocabulary:

Vocabulary or the word choice requires that the writer choose his/her words very carefully. The use of rich and strong words if placed properly they create magic. It doesn’t mean to look for complex words but how you can play with the daily words matters. Use of metaphors and appealing words helps in enriching the content.

Tip: Awareness of language and different word plays a vital role so always brainstorm a list of words and use the perfect one.

5. Voice:

Voice is perhaps the most difficult traits to define. Making your writing authentic and appropriate is not an easy task to do. Your content should be such that the reader can sense that a real person is speaking to them using those words. Voice is the heart and soul of your writing if you have a passion for the topic you can make your writing shine among your audience.

Tip: Feelings and Passion is the essence, don’t lose that.

6. Conventions:

A convention is the correctness of your writing this is related to the spelling, grammar, punctuation, capitalization and paragraphing of your written draft. This is the analytic trait. You must proofread and edit your content before submitting or publishing it. This is the final polishing of your work before serving it to your audience.

Tip: Capitalize the right words, proper grammar and spelling should be focused.









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