Basic Tips To Prepare For An Interview!!

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  • Dec 12, 2017
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Preparing for an Interview is a lot more than just going through the common Interview questions asked by the Interviewer and practising their answers. You also need to make a Best first impression by appearing in a neat formal wrinkle-free cloth (suit), proper gestures and a sound knowledge of your target company and their products. The important thing here is preparing yourself for smartly conveying to the employer that why you are fit for the Job.

Always remember that you won’t get second chance to make the first impression. So, to help you out in preparing for your Interview, I have listed few Points through which you can not only tackle the toughest questions asked during the process but also helps you to prepare a checklist of things you need to pack and do before going for an Interview.

1. Research about the Organization:


It is always considered good to research about the company from various sources before going for an Interview. Your research should not be limited to Company’s website and Social media Pages and accounts but for better results, you should spend some time on Google and also talk with your Contacts and friends regarding that Organization. Always check the reviews and consider what people, current and ex-employees are saying about the company on various platforms. You should be aware of the basic products and services of the company.

2. Comparing your skills and Qualifications with the Job Description:


Analyzing your skills and qualification with the job requirement plays a vital role. Always make a list of your assets and match it with the job description, it will give you the fair idea about what you are capable of, what are the challenges you will be facing and what will be your plan in future.

3. Properly studying the resume and reading materials for quick and effective responses:


Your resume is the only thing through which the interviewer goes to know about you. Always read carefully what you have written in your CV as the interviewer can ask anything that is mentioned in that and it’s your duty to satisfy him with an honest answer. This part is carelessly neglected by many individuals and they mainly focus on interview questions but it is equally important to go through your CV and know what you have specified there. You must go through study materials and try to acquire as much knowledge you can to perform better in the interview.

4. Planning what to wear and bring in the Interview:


Plan your Interview outfit few days before only, make sure you get it cleaned, pressed and tailored.  Shine your shoes, cut your nails, haircut, clean shaved / well-groomed beards (depends upon Organization’s culture) all these things are noticed by the interviewer. If you feel good, it will keep you motivated and boost your confidence, which will ultimately help you in getting your dream job.

Always, keep extra copies of your updated Resumes, a notepad, pen, pencil and other basic stationary with you. Keep a bottle of water and breath mint along with a small first aid kit for emergency situations.

5. Finding the address and reporting on time:


It’s always important to report at the Interview venue on time. Get the address and anticipate the traffic using the Google maps or any other direction apps. It’s always better to be at the venue few minutes before so that you can get yourself ready for the Interview. Always make sure that you do have a contact number of the concerned person so that you can inform about your arrival or also update if you are getting late.

6. Getting your gestures right during the Interview:


Interview etiquettes matters, remember to greet the interviewer and anybody else sitting with them. Shake hand firmly and make an eye-contact while talking. Always talk politely and enthusiastically. Your body language and gestures tell a lot about you so be sure of what you are conveying through them. Ask questions if you have any confusion or you want to know something but the questions needs to be relevant, never ask a question just to ask a question, your question should be genuine and relevant.

7. Follow-up with a Thank-You note:


Following-up with a Thank-You Note is considered as a good practice. In this way, you not only show that you have appreciated the Interview but you can also gain an opportunity to discuss if you or the interviewer missed out at the time of an Interview. Follow up notes show that you are interested in the job and also it helps you to know the area of improvement.

People always miss few of the above-mentioned tips and mainly concentrate on questions which could be asked during the interview. By following these Tips you will be definitely performing well in the interview.  I recommend candidates to prepare a checklist of what needs to be done and finish all the tasks one by one before going for an Interview. It will not only give you confidence but also create a good impact on the mind of Interviewer and the chances of your success will be increased of getting selected for your dream job interview.



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