Proposal Writing

How do you conduct a research without proposing a research? Many students cannot identify the difference between conducting the research and proposing the research. And then add to it the difficult research methodology terms to be used. As a student who has been asked to conduct a research for the first time, Covenant Solutions, provides best assignment writing service UK and ensures that you present a flawless research proposal which is easily accepted by the tutors!

Let’s be honest about it! Proposal writing has simply two concepts which need to be clarified for it to be passed and accepted at the University. Th first concept is the idea of the research to be presented. This means that the student should be clearly able to express their intent and rationale of the research. Where as on the other hand, the proposal should have the right use of the tenses. With a round the clock essay help online, Covenant ensures that each student is able to propose the research in accordance with the guidance of the Universities so that the tutors accept the proposals with ease.

We make sure that:

  • The guidelines are followed to the highest precision
  • The use of past tense for the researches conducted, present tense for the gap in the research and the future tense for the proposed methodology, is our expertise area.
  • We determine the best methodology for the research so that your proposal is accepted in the first go
  • Our experts are experienced at developing the most appropriate goals and objectives based on which the proposal determines the research
  • Hypothesis and testing are two other core development areas which we are able to design as per the requirement of the research.

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What if my tutor says the proposal needs changes?

Well, we are right here and shall have it corrected for you!” Don’t worry we have got your back!

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Yes, why not, surely an expert can be made available?