Five common challenges students face while studying

Studying in a foreign university is becoming a priority for most of the students as they think studying in a foreign university will give them a better career opportunity and help them to secure their future. As per the sources, there are nearly 300,000 international students are enrolled at Australian Universities, making up 24.3 percent of the total. This number gets increased when we talk about UK universities.

However, despite their interest and positive attitude, International students face lots of social, environmental, emotional and academic issues. It is not at all easy for students to get familiar with a new country, people and climate as they all came from a different culture and background. But that does not mean they cannot overcome it with the time they get accustomed to the environment and a culture of that visiting country & most importantly they started to enjoy their time.

So today we will tell you the 5 most common problem faced by international students when they join the university and how they can overcome these problems.

  1. Language Barrier With Other Students
  2. Different Cultural Norms
  3. Homesickness
  4. Making new Friends
  5. Coping with Academics

1) Language Barrier With Other Students   

The language barrier has always been the most common problem faced by international students in a foreign country as English is not their first or native language. Especially students from China or other Asian countries mainly face such problems very often. This can make it tough for them when it comes to understand the lectures & write exams, and also most of the time they feel uncomfortable to talking English with other students due to fear of getting trolled by other university students.

Considering this issue now most of the universities are arranging special English classes for these students so that it will help them to improve the language and also it will help to boost their confidence to interact with other students in the English language.

2) Different Cultural Norms

All the countries are having their own culture so to adjust to this new culture is also a tedious task for the foreign students. For example, Australian slang is often difficult to interpret with the terms like “ta”(thank you) and “lingo”(terminology) is very much difficult to understand for these new foreign students.

So it will be useful for the students to have research about the country in which they are going to study and also by doing the interaction with the local people about their culture gives them a basic idea about the culture of that country and this is will make their life quite easy there.

3) Homesickness

It is quite natural to miss home when you are in another country for your study. And many times it is very difficult for students to adjust to this scenario as they never stayed so far from their family and friends. But the fact is no one can fill the place of family. But nowadays every university is having their own community for their countrymen or various groups who all are having the same interest. So the students can join that group of their respective countries and this will help them to get rid away from loneliness or isolation.

4) Making friends

The first day of the university can be daunting to anyone. Because everything around is new, like the environment, people, culture, language and most importantly, your thought process that how you will going to survive your university years, who will be your professors? how are you going to make new friends?  Because everyone is going to be as nervous as you and also hesitant to talk with each other as they are not aware of each other.

We are having just a small suggestion for these students that saying Hello to the next person should not be difficult because the other students also appreciate your gesture and it will help to break the ice between you and them.

5) Coping Up with Academics

Even you have come over all the other issues associated with moving overseas, there is one most important thing that is “Academics”. It can only handle by attending classes regularly, completing all the assignments in the given time. It is important for a student giving importance and priority to your studies and also be attentive as the study is the main purpose they are moving away from home.

There are many academic writing organization who can help students with their assignments & essays as they do understand it is not an easy task for expat students to do all these assignments on their own, so if you are facing such a problem with your assignment you can always take help from them as they will provide you with a good quality with affordable price.

I hope this blog will help you to understand what challenges International Student face when they go to a foreign country for the first time and how they can overcome it.

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