How to structure your report

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  • Jul 06, 2020
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Report Writing

Report writing is a formal evaluation about the topic of a research. Usually a report and essay have the same structure as an essay, but there are some major differences as well.

Introduction of the report

It is suggested that the introduction of the report should be preferably written at the end, since it is expected to summarise the findings of the report. Also, the introduction needs to set the aim and objectives of the report. However, at the same time, it is also important to present he structure of the report through the introduction.

Body of the report

The body of the report is subdivided into various headings and subheadings as per the task sheet that is provided. Numbering and bullet points are often used to lend clarity to the arguments made in the report. The main body of the report also holds the key data and information that is to be used. For example, for a report that requires a strategic analysis of the company, using the strategic analysis tools which have been taught in the course module, would gain better marks. Similarly, if the student has studied, theories and concepts , then they should also be used to increase the

efficiency of the report. As compared with the essay, the reports are expected to present concise and precise data. Using bullet points, distinct headings and making sure that data is supported by charts and figures is also a good practice. An example of the abovesaid is given, A task is allocated where the student needs to report the internal analysis of the firm in 500 words. Then 50 words would be used for the introduction and 50 words would be used for the conclusion. The remaining 400 words would be used to present the internal analysis using tools that have been taught in class. Usually, the internal analysis would include SWOT, Tows and Porters analysis and these would form individual sections of the report body.

Key points to note

  • A report needs to be supported with an abstract or the executive summary
  • Word count should be followed strictly
  • A report has different types such as being investigative, exploratory and descriptive or may be critical. In each case, the content tone and language is expected to change.
  • Referencing is important and at least 8 references per 1000 words are expected.
  • A report differs from essay in the output of the study
  • Reports are based on aim and objectives or questions which are to be answered, and this should be clearly found in the introduction section of the report.
  • Short paragraphs re better understood
  • Proof reading work is important

Using recent references is very important.




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