Covenant Solutions follow these lines of terms & conditions with its associates and parties to fulfill commitment and adhere to following terms and conditions along with its associates over parallels consumed at every transaction involving company itself with parties. All the terms and conditions involve maximum scale of circumstances in every possible case embedding answer to all queries. Following statements embed clauses and approvals for the guarantees made by Covenant Solutions.

  • Quality Commitment:All works compiled by our associates are to pass quality standards as per guidelines and requirements of the work. Our stringent actions are maintained to observe all works compiled perfectly absorb requirements. Clauses which act under this commitment are as follows: 1)We perfectly adhere to our commitment and provide the best work suiting your requirement and our associates are ready to absorb all comments on compiled work 2)All suggestions are required to be received within a week of compilation where associate can dissolve the feedback issues and align the perfect work 3)No feedback would be entertained over a time-frame of two weeks and associate is not responsible for failure of work for any external reasons out of scope
  • Time: All orders accepted by our associates under company name are liable to be delivered by the stipulated time as promised to the client. No associate shall bother client for un time delivery with deterred quality. No additional clause would fall under this guarantee but associate or company is not liable for failing due to ill concise of time of the client.
  • Plagiarism: All associates orders are thoroughly scanned by human eyes and leveraged by scanners associated by software programs to have stringent check over possible plagiarism issues. Our associates and sub-ordinated never resale the compiled works and maintain fool-proof confidentiality and they also never copy work from different sources which makes your work unique
  • Confidentiality: We respect your complete honor and we promise to never resale the work to any other assignee and our associates would never publish it any public or private means. In our service course, we maintained our 100% confidentiality success rate as our ethic and achieved it. So, when you place your next order feel free to have your order completely confidential
  • Deadline: We never assess our time commitments in a wrong way. We always commit to a work when it is further relevance can be sorted with requirement in requested time frame. All the orders which are compiled are delivered on time with no delay as requested. There wouldn’t be any intermediated deliveries as whole, but order assignee can have a look over compiled work to have status quo.
  • Complete Guideline Relevance: This policy is to maintain your work relevance with respect to order requirements. When an assignee provides completed detail of the project, we entitle ourselves to compile the work as per the request. We ensure the requested work is completed as per assignee’s request.  However, if the request doesn’t contain apt information about final project we refrain from the order. Our guarantee is to provide a complete work to assignee as per guidelines and repair it within the final period, if any.
  • Cancellation Policy: Covenant solutions follows following cancellation Policy terms and doesn’t refrain from these parallels towards any assignee of the company.7.1) 100% Refund can be absorbed with-in 24Hrs by the assignee if he/she wishes to refrain from the committed order where in few payment gateway charges can be an exception due to online transfer. 7.2) Above the stipulated timeline no cancellations will be entertained no refund is possible from the company.
  • Refund policy: Covenant Solutions follows these parallels towards refund policy.8.1) If the deadline is missed there would be no refund for the assignee for the order placed. We always deliver our works on time wherein this clause undermines the possibility of deviation 8.2) If any work is rejected there would be no refund entertained by the company.
  • Deviation: Covenant solutions and assignees are expected to accept the above guidelines in all possible situations and circumstances. Any deviation from above stated clauses and guarantees are liable for action under which both parties could fall in line for the agreement.