These internet hacks can save you a lot of time and money!!

Internet Hack every students should know
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  • Aug 30, 2018
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To stay updated with the world, you need to update yourself every day and in today’s world it is super easy with the help of internet.


Internet access is a basic human right as per United Nations and if you are a student, you must know the importance of Internet access in academics years. Internet makes you aware of your surrounding, you just need to see your smartphone and you are connected to the rest of the world.

You have the access to unlimited knowledge all you need to do is type your query Google search engine and the related links are there within seconds. But it will be really great if you know some simple tips & tricks which can help you a lot.


So here are some important Internet hacks every student should know

Don’t buy textbooks from your college bookstore. Compare prices online and save a ton of money.  Websites like “affordabook”, “BigWords” and “CheapestTextbooks” you can compare price form, multiple retailers, giving you the best deals “” offer used, discounted textbooks of varying conditions form others students like you


Take full use of your student id card liabilities With Amazon Students and you can get Prime for six months free and after that, 50% off for the rest of the time you’re a student.


For using copyright-free images in your project from google images. Just click on More> Advanced Search> usage rights: click on the drop-down bar and you can see only those image which is validated to use or free images


Don’t worry if you forgot your textbook at home? google the name of the textbook + “filetype:pdf” and you might find it online. If it doesn’t work, type in the name of the subject +“filetype:pdf” because there are chances that other textbooks have explanations for what you’re looking for.


If you can’t get answers on google, try “r/HomeworkHelp”. When you really can’t find anything related to your topic, head to this Reddit thread for some anonymous tutoring. You maybe find something related to your work.


Use google scholar to find published papers and get alerts on new papers in your area of study, to find what you exactly want just type


There is a free online graphing calculator which you can access from anywhere it is You can also create your account to save your graphs and then use it at anytime


Get reward coupons for not using your phones in class: Get paid to pay attention to your lectures. “Pocket points” is a free app that will offer discounts to local and national retailers if you keep your phone locked during classes.  Listen to ambient or natural sound for maximum productivity. There is plenty of website for it like 8tracks or you can Youtube it. Sounds like “deep space” “blue whales” “dreamy soundtrack” etc.


News feed Eradicator: use this chrome extension to just get rid of your Facebook newsfeed: It fills your timeline with inspiring quotes rather than showing what’s your fellow university mates doing on Facebook.



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