Tips for writing an essay

Tips for writing an essay
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  • Jul 06, 2020
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Essay Writing

Writing essays or reports is not a difficult task if the nuance of this activity is known. Understanding the difference between writing styles and writing methods is one of the ways in which writing skills can be enhanced. Let’s take a look at what exactly an essay is, and how it can be made to score good marks.

Parts of an essay

Every essay has three main parts that form the context of the essay. Beginning with an introduction, that is expected to introduce the topic, the essay introduction should also contain a thesis statement or the main aim of the essay. However, essays that are able to present the structure of the remaining paper through their introduction are found to have more clarity as compared with others. What is important is the word count of the introduction which is expected to be 10% of the total word count allocated. So, elaborating on what can be placed into the introduction depends on the word count of the essay.

The second part is the main body of the essay. This amounts to 80% of the word count to be used and holds the most important content. Usually, presenting one point in one paragraph approach is found to fetch more marks. However, the content and language to be used are determined by the type of the essay. For example, an essay which is critical needs to criticize the arguments as well. An explanatory essay should be able to present the explanations and be descriptive. Similarly, an essay can also be investigative where new questions are raised. The main body of the essay also holds the key points that are being made. In this case, the essay can rely on a qualitative or a quantitative research that can be used to present the arguments. In other words, essays are expected to derive an answer to a topic or a question and this can be done by data and information which is used to support the information or the arguments being presented.

Tips for writing an essay

The last part of the essay is the conclusion. There are two ways in which conclusion is drafted. Either the conclusion can present the recommendations on the issues being studied through the essay or at the same time, it can also present a conclusive summary of the entire paper. In both the cases, a cumulative summary of the main points of the essay is made. To explain this further, the following infographic can be helpful. Some of the tips and tricks that have been gained through experience are shared as shown below:

  • Writing or creating an outline of the essay before the actual essay is written is important.
  • The styles of referencing should be adhered with
  • Each paragraph should present a ‘main topic’ of the paragraph in the first line

It is always important to write the references along with the content. Referencing before or after the essay content can lead to severe content issues.

Tips for writing an essay

Common essay writing mistakes and how you can avoid them:

Essay writing is not a trivial task that can be accomplished successfully without any writing skills or expertise. Many students take it for granted and end up writing poor quality essays and losing grades. Here we have listed 6 common mistakes students make and how they can be avoided.


Repeating of words or ideas over and over again loses reader’s attention, Try using the same word in every sentence instead use alternative terms (thesaurus) and try to introduce something new in every sentence


Never write an essay that does not reflect or develop a real topic. Make a list of important points about the essay topic and then expand on them by giving facts and examples.


Don’t use words that are too formal and informal. Use terms that are normally used in scholarly journals and papers. Ask a senior to review and give feedback.


Giving Ideas without any supporting evidence or example makes your essay weak. Only include those arguments which you can support with facts or logic.


Try to construct your sentences in active voice and avoid using too many passive structures.


A firm and strong conclusion is essential for a good essay. Avoid writing mere two lines of what you tried to prove. Your conclusion should sum up the important points established in your essay.




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