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Four types of Essays
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Writing essays is common in schools and universities. If students don’t like to write it, the word itself brings stress, anxiety, and panic to them. If you follow the process of writing an essay it will help you score high grades or you might find it useful at your career in future. You might find different types that are completely different from one another in your tenure at the university. So, the first step to write it, is to understand what type you want to write.

Most Common Types of College Essays

Following are the most common types of essays and here you will know to write it.

1. Reflective Essays

In Narrative essays, you write an it from your perspective, like a real-life experience. It’s like telling a story to your listeners. It may sound easy to do, but you must think and write about yourself and your experience. When writing a narrative, you need to write in a way that reader feels involve while reading your writing. A well-crafted narrative essay will also help readers to draw a conclusion or making a personal statement.

Things To Remember While Writing a Narrative Essay

  • This is written in the first person (“I”)
  • You should write this as you are writing a story and the purpose of this story should be stated in the opening scene.
  • You can include vivid & descriptive details in your essays so that the reader can feel as if they were there.

2. Descriptive Essays

As its name suggests, in the descriptive essay you must describe something. Here you have artistic freedom as the main idea behind this is to create an image in the reader’s mind. You can approach this in a more creative way. You can describe a person, place, object or even a memory of the specific event.

Things To Remember While Writing a Descriptive Essay

  • This is very similar to a narrative essay.
  • A descriptive essay paints a picture with words in the reader’s mind.
  • Be more creative and try to write more details
  • If you wanted to describe your day at the beach, you can add more than what you saw, like thinks you smelled, what you touched, sounds your heard and things you tasted
  • Make sure you write this in order; no one is going to read that essays if it’s not in a proper order no matter how creative and in details, you write.

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3. Expository Essays

In expository essays, you can explain/define a topic using statistic, facts, and examples. Unlike other types of essays, in this type you have to support your topic with arguments, facts & figure. You have to make sure transitions between the introduction paragraph, body paragraph and conclusion paragraph should make sense and be clear. Without this clear transition, there is no logical path to follow throughout the essay & the reader could end up lost in it.

Points You Need To Consider for Expository Essay

  • These are written in the third person
  • In this essay, it is important to stick with the facts and numbers and keep your opinions out of this type.
  • In the conclusion, you need to restate your thesis, using different wording, as well as your points stated in body paragraphs.
  • Don’t present any new ideas or any new information into the conclusions.

4. Argumentative Essay

The argumentative essay is somewhat like expository essays in which you are stick with the facts and numbers but unlike the expository type, you must take the side of the topic or against it. The goal of an argumentative essay which also known as the persuasive essay is to convince the reader to accept the writer’s point of view.

  • The student should choose a side in which they will advocate.
  • An Argumentative essay is highly dependent on the resources you can provide to back up your reasoning.
  • Identify the most convincing evidence, as well as the key point for the opposing view.
  • Make sure to cite any resources used in your essay to avoid plagiarism

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