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Stages of the writing process for college students

Students should know the fact that writing comprises smaller steps, let it be an essay or any other article. Writing in parts or steps will ease out in understanding to your targeted audience (Teachers / Tutors). Following these steps of the writing process, you will cover every area of your topic and optimize your thoughts. If you divide your topic into smaller parts, it will take less time and results are better. A good writing is a lot more than good grammar and sentences, but it is the content written in a way the audience understand and get the information they are looking for.

Three main stages of the writing process

So, let me help you with the three main stages of the writing process that everyone needs to follow:

1. Planning & prewriting

Writing Process Stage 1: Planning & Prewriting

The first stage of any writing is planning and prewriting. It comprises planning what you will write, choosing the topic, gathering knowledge and researching, forming the structure of your writing. It’s the key to keep your pen moving later.

  • Brainstorming

Brainstorming for the ideas, content, thoughts, phrases, or anything that you think could be important and relevant to your writing, it will help you in making a perfect draft.

  • Researching

Researching and gathering knowledge on the ideas generated through brainstorming is the second phase. Knowing your audience expectations and their requirements are essential for better results.

  • Defining the topic

After proper research, you need to draft a topic based on the evidence collected from the above two stages. The defining topic is not just about selecting it, but it will also show your interest in that domain. Precision in your topic is important to convey your thoughts better to your audience.

  • Quick writing

Note down points so you don’t miss it later. It helps in adding your ideas on paper at the time of actual writing.

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2. Composing & drafting

Writing Process Stage 2: Composing & Drafting

Composing and Drafting is the second stage and in this, the actual writing starts but without editing and needs to be based on the elements which they have collected during the planning and prewriting stage. Students need not edit or censor their ideas at this stage but keep their pens moving or their fingers typing on the keyboard.

In this stage of the writing process, the students need to follow four writing techniques:

  • Statement

A statement is the base of your entire writing. It gives your reader (Teacher) an Idea of what you have covered in your writing. The best practice is to include and define your statement after the introduction. Be careful and always support your statement with facts, figures and references.

  • Topic sentences

Giving Topic to your paragraphs also given an idea of what this paragraph is about. Always try to begin your paragraphs with the topic. Doing this will help your teacher to know what your paragraph contains.

  • Supporting the write-up

Your content is important also your views and opinions but try not to write hypothetically, always support your writing with evidence from a credible source. Your support can be in any forms be it statistics, facts and figures, case studies, observations, interviews, researched papers etc. Supporting your writing will always give you an edge over others writing and enhance the chance of scoring higher.

  • Relativity / Coherence

Your writing should be coherent. Always try to relate your paragraphs with one another. There should be relativity in the content and your sentences need to create a bridge in between them. While writing being on the path is important, your sentences and paragraphs should be related to your topic.

Above mentioned writing techniques in writing your report help in creating a good quality, informative and credible report.

3. Revising, Editing & Proofreading

Writing Process Stage 3: Revising, Editing & ProofreadingThe final stage of the writing process is to polish your work by revising your writing whether they fit your statement, check for the flow of your writing, the formation of your sentences, the grammar, spellings, the topic sentences; basically everything. This is the step most of the students skip and give a chance to their tutor to cut down their grades but plays a vital role in getting high grades and is a mandatory step in the writing process.

The writing process may look long and tiring but is guaranteed for success. The more you follow the process, the more you will be able to write a quality report. The writing process keeps you interested in writing and also helps you in covering each and every aspect related to your topic.

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